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Abstract Submission

Turkish Society for Stereology is happy to launch the call for abstracts. All abstracts can be prepared and presented in English. Abstracts can be sent via e-mail only ( Abstracts that are sent after the deadline of abstract submission (1 February, 2016) or did not arranged depending on the below-mentioned requirements WILL NOT BE EVALUATED. Scientific committee has the right of rejecting or accepting the abstracts for presentation. It is OBLIGATORY that at least one of the authors of the abstract must complete registration process before on 1 February, 2016. Letters of acceptance will be sent after evaluation process to the user author who had submitted the abstract. All abstracts of this event will be published in Journal of Experimental and Clinical Medicine ( Poster dimmensions must not exceed 70 x 100 cm and prepared suitable for vertically hanging.

The abstract should not exceed 300 words. Name, surname, academic title, institution and city of the abstract authors should be indicated together with the abstract title. However, any kind of information regarding these institutions or authors should not be mentioned in the abstract body. The presenting author should be specified. Abstracts should contain following information;
Objective: The purpose and context of the study must be explained. Introduction of the problem or provide background for what you will address.
Materials and Methods: The materials used for the study should be given. The methods used in the study or analysis applied to the problem should be described.
Results: The obtained results related to the problem should be written. Summarize the major results in numbers; avoid vague, hand waving results such as "very small" or "significant".
Conclusion: State the relevance, implications, or significance of the results or conclusions, to the business. Significance of work is often implied by the recommendations or implications for future work.

Layout of the abstract
The abstract must be written using Times New Roman font and the size is 12. The title must be bold and written in sentence cases. The author name(s) middle name(s) and surname(s) must be written. Initials should not be used. The presenting author’s name must be underlined. Superscripted letters should be used to indicate the authors’ names and their affiliations. Affiliations of the authors should be written from the department to the institution. The e-mail address of the presenting author should be written. An abstract text must follow the above given lines. The abstract must contain above-mentioned content. References, figures or the abbreviations that are used only one time in the abstract must not be included into the abstract text. Abstract should follow 4 to 6 keywords. The name of institution supporting the study can be written in the end of abstract. An asterisk must be inserted to the end of title. Abstracts can be sent to the e-mail address.

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